Saturday, August 16, 2014

#000000 & #FFFFFF

I've had a growing obsession with black and white photos and black and white everything, basically. There is something so beautiful about not seeing the colors of a picture. Maybe I like it because there's room for imagination, the photograph won't tell you the full story. I guess just like any photograph really, but still, work with me here. Or maybe I've taken a liking to black and white for the whole concept of being able to step out of reality and just observe and see things in a different manner. Could be fairly unclear or maybe its just so clear its staring right at you. It's either black or it's white! (I know, corny) Plus black and white gives the whole flash from the past vibe, at least in photos, and I just really really love that.

I like this one a lot...
Maybe it's bc of the really attractive specimens depicted, but I still love it.

And just look at this one. I mean you get what I'm saying about the whole imagination thing? You don't really know the color of the water or the trees. Yeah you can assume the water is blue, but what kind of blue? That crystal clear I-can see-the-bottom blue? Or a deep dark sea what-if-something-comes-up-from-down-under blue?

I don't know man, I find such beauty in black and white.

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